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Food Industry

Track and monitor food deliveries. Know where your delivery vehicles are at any time as well as complying with Australian Standards & HACCP requirements. If you have fixed or moving cool rooms or even if you just have your products transported by a shipper and you need to monitor temperature, humidity or any other ‘variable’ - ‘live’, including the location, we can do this for you economically. Download reports as needed.See Our Solutions

Mobile Food Vans & Mobile Cool Rooms

Mobile food vans or mobile fridges / cool rooms can be monitored for both position & temperature. Monitor humidity & light levels eg: light levels can indicate van or cool room doors open.See Our Solutions

Medical Industry

Track medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and drugs, blood products and vaccines when in transit while also monitoring temperatures. We can monitor the temperature, light level (eg: whether the back of the vehicle or lid of the cool bag is open or shut), or just track the location. Also monitor fridge temperatures in situ in a hospital, chemist shop or pathology centre. View a map on screen of the location of every fridge. Download reports as needed.See Our Solutions
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Need help installing?

If you have chosen the FTL tracker, which needs installation, your local auto electrician can do this for you. The FTL tracker comes complete with the wiring loom to be run through the vehicle’s interior & sensors to be mounted.

Other portable / stand alone trackers can be installed using hook & loop fasteners so that they can be removed, charged & placed back or changed to another fridge or vehicle.

The Locator can be installed by you & hidden anywhere on or in your asset. This is a passive tracker that has a long battery life. The Sigfox Locator can be activated with the click of a mouse if & when needed
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