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Bespoke Monitoring Solutions for Every Industry

Whether equipment or other items are moving or in situ, you can monitor and know exactly where all of your assets are all of the time. Log into the web portal and view all of the fridges at once with all of their temperature logs available to view or download as a report, or, all of the vehicles viewed as moving dots on a map so that you can send your closest vehicle to the new job just received in the office. Be able to let your client know how long it will be until the driver reaches the destination quickly & easily.

The possibilities and uses are endless. Save money, time & resources easily & inexpensively with the click of a mouse.

Gear Trackers can:
  • Be portable – take from asset to asset or site to site (no install)
  • Be used to constantly track using a sim card with a monthly monitoring cost
  • Be passive – in that they do not report location constantly – if you ‘ping’ the dormant sim, it is activated & reports the current location to you
  • Monitor temperatures of assets as well as GPS location (only pay per SMS enquiry)
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Food and Drug
Temperature / humidity monitoring with location of a fridge, a vehicle or a pallet including light level to know if the doors are open or shut.
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Backhoes, excavators, bulldozers, drag lines, transport containers, semi-trailers, pallets, etc are all very expensive, can be hard to locate and are frequently stolen.
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Equipment eg: generators, skip-bins, hired toilets, test equipment, service equipment, etc know where it is at all times. Can go missing on site, whether it is simply forgotten or may be stolen.
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Vehicles Owned and Hired
Cars, Bikes, Trailers, Planes, Yachts & Power Boats – transport is a target for thieves.
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Airport Assets
Airport Equipment eg: plane tugs, catering trucks and trolleys, baggage trolleys, transport equipment, fuelling equipment, etc.
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We can track & locate anything eg: livestock, people, hikers & kids backpacks, sports equipment, golf bags & golf buggies – Anything!
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Need help installing?

If you have chosen the FTL tracker, which needs installation, your local auto electrician can do this for you. The FTL tracker comes complete with the wiring loom to be run through the vehicle’s interior & sensors to be mounted.

Other portable / stand alone trackers can be installed using hook & loop fasteners so that they can be removed, charged & placed back or changed to another fridge or vehicle.

The Locator can be installed by you & hidden anywhere on or in your asset. This is a passive tracker that has a long battery life. The Sigfox Locator can be activated with the click of a mouse if & when needed
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Why use GearTracker?

We have the latest gear with up to date easy to use software. We are experts and have the right solution for your need.
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